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Managing Your Assets to Manage Your Risk

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Driving Behaviour Through Performance Measures

What risks are the most critical to you?

Do you look at production risks?

What about health and safety, and environmental risks?

There are many risks related to asset management facing organizations today, with different probabilities and severity of outcomes.  Often the implications of the risks are not fully understood. 

If you are not able to operate your physical assets when needed, is it just lost revenue for the duration of the downtime?  Or additional costs due to expedited deliveries?  Or is the matter more severe, resulting in a permanently lost customer because of missed deliveries in a JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing environment?  Customer issues related to quality or customer service can have similar outcomes.

The negative outcomes related to health and safety, and environmental violations have gotten much more severe.  As well as the amount of the fines increasing for violations, more jurisdictions are imposing jail sentences for the violations.

What is the risk impact to your organization?

What is the risk impact to you, given the responsibility of your position?


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