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Assessing  Overall Maintenance Management Practices  

Advising on Specific Maintenance Issues

Aligning Business, Strategy, and Performance Measures

Evaluating Existing Capital Project Management Practices  

How effective your current maintenance management practices?

Do you know what you need to do to improve them?

Our assessment of maintenance practices is based upon the structure introduced in “Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management” by John Dixon Campbell (ISBN 1-56327-053-6).  This book provides an excellent overview of maintenance management, and should be read by anyone who has direct maintenance management responsibilities, or has the maintenance organization reporting to them. 

John Dixon Campbell developed a maintenance management assessment methodology with the structure, and those of us that worked with John used that methodology and refined it further.  This is the methodology we continue to refine and use, as we find it is effective in addressing and prioritizing maintenance issues.  The Uptime structure is shown below:


Organizational strategy, economic environment, and operating constraints will determine which components of the maintenance structure may be the most critical to the asset management performance of the organization.

With our knowledge and experience assessing a number of client organizations, we can provide you with a focused understanding of your maintenance issues and work with your organization to develop solutions.


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