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General Overview 

Asset management needs to focus on the organizational requirements of the assets, rather than solely upon asset-related technical issues. 

In many cases, asset management is the responsibility of individuals with no formal training in business and organizational issues.  They often have promoted based upon their understanding of technical processes and systems, and naturally focus on the areas in which they are comfortable and competent in working.  Many are very capable long-term employees with limited exposure to other asset management practices, depending upon company policies and practices on attending conferences, training, and opportunities to visit other operations.

Our principal consultants have over 25 years of experience in a variety of roles and exposure to a number of industries, and have strong technical backgrounds and knowledge.  We can assist you through evaluating your current asset management practices, and can then advise on improvements to best address the organization requirements of managing those assets.  With several former principal consultants from one of the larger management consulting firms, we provide a high level of professionalism and competency, with a strong business focus.  Our current size allows us to better focus upon managing the needs of our clients.

Our Solutions include:

Assessing Overall Maintenance Management Practices

Advising on Specific Maintenance Issues

Aligning Business, Strategy, and Performance Measures

Evaluating Existing Capital Project Management Practices

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