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Conscious Asset Management is dedicated to helping their clients achieve excellence in Maintenance Management and Physical Asset Management.  They are recognized globally as leaders in their field.    They  work as partners with their clients to achieve superior and sustainable business results. Their clients are industrial, fleet and utility operators and maintainers who are choosing to be leaders in their industries in safety, environmental performance, low cost, high reliability and customer service.  Operational Excellence and cost effectiveness is a key to their success and the effective and efficient management of physical assets is critical.  Regardless of how well you are doing today from "struggling-with-the-basics" to "highly-competent", they can help you move to world class levels of performance.

PEMAC (Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada) is the national technical association devoted to plant engineering and maintenance, created by and for plant engineering and maintenance people.

PEMAC's mission is to improve its members professionalism, performance, safety and outside recognition by providing specialized training and certification, undertaking research, providing forums for the exchange of information and acting as the public voice for all of its members.