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At Asset Management Solutions, we assist organizations to create, implement and manage their Physical Asset Management (PAM) solutions.  

Why is asset management important to You? 

  • Physical assets are a large and necessary investment made to produce your product, or deliver your service.

  • Asset management is critical to the successful achievement of your objectives.

  • Asset management is a critical competitive advantage.

Managing Asset Information to Make Better Decisions

Are your systems and processes configured to provide you with the information you need to manage your assets? 

Or are they viewed as a burden with little value? more...

Focusing on Financial Issues Related to Your Operating Assets

Is reducing operating and maintenance cost the only way to improve profitability? 

What is the impact to reducing asset management budgets?  more...

Managing Your Assets to Manage Your Risk

What risks are the most critical to you? Do you look at production risks? What about health and safety, and environmental risks? more...

Managing Your Assets to Support Your Business Strategy

What is your business strategy? 

Is it consistent across the organization? more...


Driving Behaviour Through Performance Measures

What measures do you use to monitor your asset management performance?

What behaviours are they intended to drive? more..

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